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Posted by Joe Brennan | Posted in Fire Insurance Claims, Homeowners Insurance, Independent Appraiser, Insurance Claims Help, Insurance Dispute | Posted on 03-11-2010


An increasing number of insurance policyholders have found themselves involved deeply in an insurance dispute about claim damage.  Insurance disputes can be financially devastating.  A common feeling of most policyholders is that insurance companies are there to actually help them in times of need. Sometimes, that is completely true, however with larger claims, it can feel like you are being taken advantage of.

A house fire, tornado, tree through the roof, or busted pipe can cause large amounts of damage to a home and it’s belongings.  People often feel reassured because they have homeowners insurance coverage or business owners insurance.  That relief could be premature.

Yes, your damages are covered by your insurance policy, but how much will your company pay versus what you have to pay out of pocket?  The policyholder often thinks that if they have been with a company for a number of years and never submitted claim, they will get a fair settlement.  It should be that easy. You pay timely premiums, you find a good contractor and submit your claim properly, and it should be paid.  However, larger claims dig deeper into the insurance company’s pockets. With more to pay out, many policyholders find out that they are NOT “in good hands,” the insurance company is NOT always “on your side,” and “like a good neighbor… there NOT always there.”

Everyone wants to believe that they will be taken care of in a time of need.  That is not always true with more costly claims. These large claims become a huge, costly battle over what should and shouldn’t be replaced or repaired.  Many insurance companies do wish to take care of their clients and give them a fair claim settlement for the needed repairs. Unfortunately, there are just as many companies who will do everything in their power to protect themselves financially… instead of protecting and taking care of their clients.

Not many policyholders are aware that there is a clause within their policy that protects them from insurance company greed. It’s called the Insurance Appraisal Clause. The clause has a set process to settle insurance disputes that involve the “amount of loss.” If the two parties have two separate estimates and different opinions on how much money it will take to complete repairs or replacement, appraisal is the next step.

Appraisal settles insurance disputes that involve damage to your home or property. If you suffer a natural disaster that destroys your home, the insurance company will send an adjuster. Disputes begin for many reasons. However, as an example, let’s say the adjuster estimates a fire damage claim at $300,000. Your contractor gives an estimate to repair the damage for $450,000. Obviously there is a dispute on the “amount of loss.” This results in a dispute between the two parties for both repairs and damages. An agreement can not be reached, as neither party is willing to budge. At that time, either party can demand appraisal in writing. Each party must appoint an Independent Appraiser to settle the insurance dispute.

For a more detailed breakdown of the Insurance Appraisal Process policyholders can educate themselves and obtain insurance dispute assistance by visiting .

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