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Smoke Damage Claims And What You Should Know

Posted by Joe Brennan | Posted in Fire Insurance Claims, Homeowners Insurance, Insurance Advice, Insurance Claims Help | Posted on 03-20-2014


100_1849What You Should Know About Smoke Damage Claims

A fire in your home is a very traumatic event. Apart from the sheer shock of the mishap, there is the damage done to your home that severely impacts you and your family members even if you have all been fortunate to escape without injuries.

One common aspect that many homeowners often overlook in the ensuing confusion is that their insurance will cover smoke damages to their home too. In effect, if a fire has erupted in your home and the resulting smoke and soot has damaged much of the interior, you will be able to make a claim with your insurer to recover a major portion of the loss you have sustained to both the building and its contents.

The kind of damage that smoke and soot can do

It is not only fire that can cause massive damage to your property. Smoke and soot can leave behind a lingering smell in your home that can cause respiratory ailments and fill air vents, insulation and other wall cavities. Staining caused by smoke/soot can be virtually impossible to get off the walls and interiors. Valuable items inside your home, such as paintings, photographs, tapestry, furniture, etc. can be irreversibly damaged by soot deposits.

Even jewelry can sustain permanent damage if it is exposed to smoke and soot. Given this, you may have sustained immense damage from the fire in your home even if much of your property has escaped being consumed by the flames.

Smoke damage coverage should be part of your home-owner’s insurance

Many homeowner’s policies include smoke damage coverage especially to cover damage that has destroyed or impacted the interiors of the property or items inside the home. Take a close look at the type of homeowner coverage you have signed up for to verify that this is indeed true in your case.  If not, you may want to switch policies or add coverage for this contingency to your insurance plan before such mishaps occur.

In fact, smoke damage coverage should also cover the cost of restoring your home to its pre-fire condition. Keep in mind that cleaning up smoke and soot may require professional expertise which can cost you a pretty penny. If you have a number of valuable items in your home, such as antiques or valuable art pieces, using your insurance coverage for restoration of these assets in event of an accident is also a smart move.  It’s covered… use it! That’s what you pay insurance for.

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