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Fire Insurance Claim Help

Posted by Joe Brennan | Posted in Fire Insurance Claims, Homeowners Insurance, Independent Appraiser, Insurance Advice, Insurance Claims Help, Insurance Dispute | Posted on 02-24-2014


fire insurance disputeWhen your possessions are lost or ruined after a fire or your home is destroyed or partially damaged, you are probably a tad emotional. That doesn’t put you in the best position to negotiate with your insurance company after filing a claim. You need someone on your side with a clear head, someone who can help you get what is rightfully yours, which you have earned from paying your insurance premiums. Insurance companies, when left to their own devices, might not always give you what you deserve. Jeff Blyskal, senior editor at Consumer Reports, says you need to be tough when you work with your insurance agent and be ready for a fight. But, why fight as the underdog when you can have an expert fight for you in an insurance dispute?

The Appraisal Clause

All homeowner’s insurance policies are different, and each state has laws that vary. However, many insurance policies have an appraisal clause, which gives you the right to file an insurance claim dispute. This clause allows you to get a second opinion on how much your home and property are worth, says Greg Hawkins, Director of Consumer Services in the Office of the Insurance Commissioner. If you think you are being short-changed to the tune of $20,000 or more, often substantially more, the service of an independent appraiser who can offer claim help will likely pay for itself many times over.

The Insurance Discrepancy

Let’s say you received bids from several contractors who all say it’ll cost about $200,000 to repair your home from fire damage. Then, your insurance company contacts you and says it will cut you a check for $80,000 to cover the repairs. That would be the time for you to start a claim dispute.

The Claim Dispute

To file a claim dispute, you need to notify your insurance company of what you intend to do in writing, ideally through certified mail. When you file, tell your insurance company that you wish to use an independent appraiser to determine the damage to your property and possessions. Understand, however, that an independent appraiser that you hire will come up with a number based on the cost to repair and replace. You should not expect a fire to become a bonanza for you, but you should expect to be made whole again.

We’re Here to Help

Your home is probably your biggest investment. You need to hire someone who is an expert in appraising property damage and understands the insurance claim dispute process. The Insurance Claims Group, Inc. is an expert in this field. We have qualified appraisers who act on your behalf when you have an insurance dispute. Call us at 919-669-9111, or visit our website at when you need claim help.


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(C) Joe Brennan is President and owner/operator of Insurance Claims Group, Inc., a national independent adjusting, appraisal, and umpiring firm. We will answer your claim questions FREE as part of our FREE Insurance Advice and Insurance Claim Consulting Services.

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